(Please note that events are spread over two different venues)

Thursday 16 April

17:00-18:15: Meeting / rehearsal for those involved in Poem Factory
Squires Cinema room, Squires Building, Northumbria University

18:45-19:45: welcome & special panel on performance
The Northern Charter, 5th Floor Commercial Union House 39 Pilgrim Street
Four ten-minute presentations
Nicola Singh: “Where and when is whose voice uttering whose thought through whose mouth and what for?”
Tim Turnbull: “Poetry in the Theatre: The Irresistible Rise of the Solo Show”
Lisa Matthews: “The quiet-space: can page-poets perform?”
Nathan Walker: “Writing Actions: Durational Writing in Performance”
+ discussion

20:00-23:00: SHIFT, a night of performance & poetry
The Northern Charter, 5th Floor Commercial Union House 39 Pilgrim Street
Matthew Cunningham, Lucy Benyon & Lisa Jeschke, Tom Pickard, Rhys Trimble, Catherine Graham, nick-e melville & Camilla Nelson. (Event on Facebook).

Friday 17 April

All Friday panels will take place in the Squires Cinema room, Squires Building, Northumbria University. Papers will be no more than fifteen minutes long. A film by Tom Pickard will also be screened in room CPD2 throughout the day.

09:30-10:00: Registration

10:00-11:20: Introduction & panel one
Introduction by Ed and Jo.
Ed Luker: “’Truly free labouring’, in Rob Halpern’s Music For Porn
Holly Pester: “‘Hooked on Poetry’ – Cathy Wagner’s Nervous Device and the Posture of Performance”
nick-e melville: “The Corpus of Kenneth Goldsmith”
+ discussion


11:50-13:00: Panel two
Lila Matsumoto: “Ulises Carrion and ‘Other Books & So’: Towards a new economy of poetry”
Christopher Earley: “The Poet and the Engineer – Writing Infrastructure and Matter”
Joe Luna: “Poetry & the Work of Sabotage”
+ discussion

Lunch (provided)

14:00-15:00: Panel three

Nat Raha “Queer Labour in Boston, the work of gay liberation, Fag Rag and John Wieners.”

Nell Perry: “Loss, beyond the Freudian Economy”
Juha Virtanen: “Capital Corrugated Line”
+ discussion


15:30-17:00: Panel four and closing remarks by Ian Davidson
Ben Hickman: Figures of Inward: Language and “Labour”
Danny Hayward: “The Methodology of Spirit”
Lisa Jeschke: “‘the striking clatter of real work in the material world’ – Poetry and Work in J.H. Prynne’s Late Lectures and Commentaries”
+ discussion


17:15-18:30: Closing Ceremonies
Samantha Walton & Jennifer Cooke: “We’ll Invoice You”
Poetry readings
Performance of the Poetry Factory


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